132. Can I Do Owner Financing In Ohio If I Have A Mortgage On The Property?

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We Buy Houses In Ohio. Are you currently in possession of a property that you’re contemplating selling? The idea of selling may have crossed your mind, and you might be exploring the possibility of seller financing as a potential avenue. However, if you happen to have an existing mortgage on your property, a pressing question may arise: “Is it possible to engage in owner financing in Ohio while there is an existing mortgage on the property?” We’re actively involved in the Ohio real estate market as homebuyers, and this question is frequently raised by homeowners. To provide clarity on this matter, we’ve dedicated this blog post to addressing this question and presenting some effective strategies to help you navigate this situation. Please continue reading to find the answers and insights you seek.

You Have Options In Ohio

When homeowners contemplate selling their properties, they find themselves facing a multitude of options. These options typically encompass the choice to enlist the services of a real estate agent for a traditional listing, the possibility of embarking on a self-listing journey, or the alternative route of selling directly to a prospective buyer. However, an increasing number of homeowners are beginning to explore an uncomplicated and effective strategy known as “owner financing” or “seller financing.” This innovative approach enables them to sell their homes to a buyer while receiving regular payments that gradually retire the outstanding balance of the property:

  1. The buyer pays a down payment
  2. The buyer pays regular monthly payments
  3. When the agreed-upon price is paid, the title reverts to the buyer

Homeowners have come to appreciate owner financing as an excellent method for selling their properties, as it opens the door to a broader pool of potential buyers. This includes individuals who might encounter challenges securing traditional bank financing. For homebuyers, owner financing is equally appealing, offering them increased flexibility and a wider array of choices without necessarily affecting their credit scores in the quest for homeownership.

Now, if you’re a homeowner who owns your property outright, initiating a seller financing agreement is a straightforward option. However, the situation becomes more intricate when you have an existing mortgage. You might find yourself pondering, “Can I pursue owner financing in Ohio when there’s an outstanding mortgage on the property?”

The short answer is: it’s complicated.

Seller Financing With A Mortgage In Ohio

In certain states, an alternative option known as a “wraparound mortgage” is available to property sellers. This approach involves extending a mortgage to a buyer, typically at a slightly higher interest rate, while the original homeowner continues to fulfill their own mortgage obligations with the bank. It’s essential to note, though, that the legality and applicability of wraparound mortgages can vary significantly depending on the specific state and circumstances involved. Moreover, there are additional contractual clauses and intricacies associated with this approach that sellers should be well-informed about before proceeding.

Can I Do Owner Financing If I Have A Mortgage On The Property? – You Have Choices In Ohio

If you’re unable to sell your home with owner financing because of a mortgage, you have other options.

An alternative that might work for you is called rent-to-own, which has some similarities (such as ongoing payment and you own the house) and some differences (there might not be a down-payment and the buyer needs to qualify for a mortgage from a bank at the end of the pre-established rental term).

Sell My House In Ohio

If you are thinking about accepting owner financing but you still have a mortgage on your property, here’s another option for you to sell your house in Ohio fast: get in touch with us and talk to us about your property. We are Ohio home buyers and we offer cash for houses in Ohio. As experts in buying and selling real estate, we are aware of a number of options that you might not know about. We can walk you through those options and help you out ourselves or we can connect you with someone who can help you.

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