532. Three Shady Things Some Cleveland Listing Agents do to Get Homeowners to Sign a Listing Agreement

3 Shady Things Some Columbus Listing Agents do to Get Homeowners to Sign a Listing Agreement

We Buy Houses in Cleveland, Ohio! While it may seem like listing agents are doing sellers a favor by agreeing with unreasonable demands instead of being upfront, it isn’t fulfilling their fiduciary responsibility to act in the sellers’ best interest. Unfortunately, sellers are unaware of the impact their decisions and demands may have until it is far too late. 

While not always pleasant, it is much less of an emotional roller coaster to have realistic expectations from the start and enter into an agreement with your eyes wide open. We have gathered the most common experiences of home sellers to help you avoid their mistakes. Read on as we discuss three of the shady things some Cleveland listing agents do to get homeowners to sign a listing agreement.

Agree With Emotionally Valued Sales Price

An emotionally valued sales price is one that the owners feel their property is worth and not based on factual appraisal values or the result of running the numbers on an educated comparison of similar properties nearby that have recently sold. If a listing agent simply agrees to list for the emotional value, they may be counting on a great deal of time passing with your overpriced home sitting on the market to convince you to lower the sales price as your concern increases. Online buyers quickly become acutely aware of the current market value of properties and simply scroll by if the price is too high or too low. Seasoned professional buyers like those at Homesmith understand how much your home means to you, and this is why we are completely transparent with every figure used in our offer. We also want you to have all of the facts, so the direct buyers at Homesmith will also tell you how much you’d profit by listing on the market. At Homesmith, we want you to make an educated decision about which method of home sales is best for your unique circumstances. 

Accommodate Sellers Demands 

Often sellers are confident that the standard demands of today’s listing agent are unnecessary, and they attempt to take charge of nearly every role of a listing agent. Especially true in marketing, sellers cannot comprehend the importance of high-quality digital photography and 360-degree virtual tours for online marketing and competing in a technologically advanced marketplace. Nor do they believe the proven sales strategy of staging a property is worth the hassle and expense. Some Cleveland area listing agents get homeowners to sign a listing agreement by allowing the seller to take charge of the listing; doubtful that the home will sell for the total market value. A real estate agent has the job of bringing you a qualified buyer. You’re working with a highly qualified cash buyer when you sell your house directly. Any concerns about the buyer receiving loan approval, the hassles of showings, and the marketing expenses go out the window. Direct buyers like those at Homesmith can let you pick your guaranteed closing date in a few weeks if you’re ready. 

Switch Out

Another one of the shady things some Northeast Ohio listing agents do to get homeowners to sign a listing agreement is to lead sellers to believe that they, a top listing agent, will personally handle the listing and are therefore worth their high commissions. But, in reality, they’ll be handing it over to a junior team member who is learning the ropes on your listing while the top agent is on their way to another listing appointment. Nothing is more frustrating than having to start at the beginning with another agent in the attempt to be heard when they hold one of the most significant transactions of your life in their hands as well. Working with a direct buyer like those at Homesmith means no switch-out because you’re working directly with your buyer, and there won’t be commissions to come off your profits at closing. In addition, when you sell directly to Homesmith, you won’t have any expenses, no worries about repairs, contingencies, or closing costs.

Sell My House Fast In Cleveland

The direct buyers at Homesmith won’t pressure you, nor will you experience any of the shady things some Cleveland area listing agents do to get homeowners to sign a listing agreement. Our goal isn’t to have the most listing agreements per year but to help you, our neighbors in Cleveland, solve problems. When you talk to one of our direct buyers at Homesmith, they stop everything and listen.

At Homesmith, we understand that communication is the key to successful teamwork; our full-service team works with you to help make selling your home easy. We focus on you, the seller because at Homesmith, we want you to feel good about the deal long after leaving the closing table. At Homesmith, we take pride in improving our community and increasing home values, one homeowner at a time. Call Homesmith at (614) 401-3651 or (877) HOMESMITH.

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