334. Five Things To Be Aware Of When Dealing With A Cleveland OH Probate Property

We Buy Houses In Cleveland, Ohio. Navigating the probate process can be a challenging and time-intensive endeavor, especially when coupled with the emotional toll of losing a loved one. As Ohio-based homebuyers, we’re here to provide assistance. In this post, we present five key considerations to keep in mind when handling a property in probate.

What Is Probate?

Probate is the legal procedure that unfolds following an individual’s demise, serving the dual purpose of settling outstanding debts and transferring inheritances to the designated heirs. Although specific probate laws differ from state to state, there are certain common aspects applicable regardless of the property’s location. To assume legal ownership of a home after the passing of its owner, you may find yourself obliged to navigate the probate process. In cases where a valid will exists, an executor is typically designated. However, in the absence of a will, the courts will appoint an executor to oversee the proceedings.

The Will Needs To Be Proven Valid In Ohio

Upon an individual’s passing, it becomes necessary to inform the court to initiate a probate case. Essential to this process is the submission of the will, accompanied by documentation validating its authenticity.

Several prerequisites must be met for a will to be deemed valid, including the testator’s intent, their legal age of 18 at the time of signing, and the presence of two witnesses who can attest to both the signature and the date it was executed. Furthermore, the will must have been created voluntarily by someone of sound mind to be recognized as legally valid within the judicial system.

You Will Need To Notify Creditors And Heirs In Cleveland OH

Following the passing of your loved one, it’s imperative to inform both creditors and potential heirs of your intention to initiate a probate case. In certain scenarios, you might even be required to publish a notice in a newspaper.

Ohio Probate Attorney Summary For Selling House

Homesmith - Ohio Attorney Probate Process Summary
For a quick summary to help with the understanding of how to sell a probate property in Ohio, watch the above video featuring Hank Schaefer, Probate Attorney of Groth & Associates, Attorneys at Law based in Toledo, Ohio. Hank explains the key elements of the process. He can be reached directly with any questions at www.GrothLaw.com. Or contact Homesmith for more information on how we can help.

The assets within the estate will need to be utilized to settle all legitimate debts, including credit card balances and personal loans. Additionally, it’s crucial not to overlook tax obligations, as you’ll be responsible for filing tax returns on behalf of the deceased and addressing any applicable inheritance taxes during the probate process.

You’ll Need To Take Inventory Of The Entire Estate In Ohio

Apart from real estate, the court also will require information about additional investments, including stocks, bonds, certificates of deposit, bank accounts, or any other valuable assets. These holdings play a role in settling outstanding debts owed to entitled creditors and in the equitable distribution of assets among beneficiaries. During this phase of the process, it is advisable to collaborate with a probate attorney to ensure comprehensive and accurate discovery and documentation of these assets.

The Process In Ohio Can Be Time Consuming

If you are responsible as the executor of the estate, you may find yourself dealing with paperwork, phone calls, and court hearings that can take up a good amount of time. When a will is present, things will typically move along faster than if one wasn’t. Having a will puts a plan in place leaving little to be decided by the courts. Some probate cases can be wrapped up in a matter of months, while others can take a couple of years to be completed. Having everything together ahead of time will make the process go much more smoothly.

You Can Sell The Cleveland OH Property While In Probate

One convenient solution for dealing with a house in probate is to opt for a sale. The manner in which this sale occurs depends on whether the estate is intestate (without a will) or testate (with a will), each subject to specific regulations that can vary by state.

In cases of an intestate estate, where no will is present, the house typically needs to be sold through the probate courts, involving a tightly regulated process with associated court fees and prescribed procedures.

Conversely, in a testate estate with a will, the executor can usually petition the courts to sell the property independently. This can be an advantageous route for those seeking to minimize court expenses while maintaining greater control over the process. For individuals interested in a cost-effective and swift resolution, selling their inherited property to a professional buyer well-versed in the probate process can be an optimal choice. When collaborating with Homesmith, you can avoid various expenses often incurred when working with a Cleveland real estate agent, including commissions, repair expenditures, and marketing costs.

In certain instances, heirs might find themselves in possession of a property through a will, possibly unprepared to retain it. In such cases, funding repairs, upgrades, and other listing expenses may not be feasible. By promptly selling their inherited Northeast Ohio house directly, they can expedite the sale, settle debts, and distribute the sale proceeds among the heirs in accordance with court directives.

Before contemplating the sale of your inherited property in the Cleveland area, it’s essential to ensure you have the legal authority to do so.

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