546. The 5 Biggest Costs You Can Expect When Hiring a Columbus Real Estate Agent

Selling your property through traditional listing can be a daunting undertaking, and many homeowners turn to real estate agents for their extensive expertise. Regrettably, these services often come at a substantial cost, which extends well beyond the high commissions. Therefore, if your property isn’t in perfect condition or you’re in a rush to sell, it’s important to pause and assess the potential drawbacks of the conventional method of selling a home. With this in mind, let’s delve into the five major expenses associated with hiring a Columbus real estate agent.


When enlisting a Columbus real estate agent, be prepared for an indefinite period in which you’ll continue to shoulder the holding costs or ongoing monthly expenses until the property is sold. Each passing month further erodes your profits, and you remain responsible for property maintenance and repairs should new damage arise. Unfortunately, complications can arise when dealing with buyers who need mortgage qualification or if buyers withdraw from the transaction post-inspections, necessitating a potential relisting.

In contrast, professional home buyers like those at Homesmith operate with cash, offering you a guaranteed closing date, often within a matter of days.

Prep and Repairs

When dealing with a property that isn’t move-in ready and you’re engaging a Columbus real estate agent, it’s essential to realize that you’ll be responsible for the upfront expenses required to enhance curb appeal and attract potential buyers. Otherwise, your listing may languish on the market, as most buyers are seeking homes that are ready for immediate occupancy. In some cases, they might make lowball offers in the hope of profiting from the necessary work.

Dealing with such buyers can be emotionally taxing for sellers, particularly when their properties are in distress. Alternatively, if you choose not to make repairs, you may face numerous contingencies or requests for credits based on inflated repair estimates. On the flip side, you can sidestep the need for extensive preparation and repairs by selling directly to professional home buyers like those at Homesmith, as we purchase Columbus homes in as-is condition for cash.


When working with a Columbus real estate agent, you’ll encounter various marketing expenses, including the use of professional photographers and drone videographers, which have now become the norm in the industry. Regrettably, sellers attempting to sell their properties as FSBO or “for sale by owner” often face a significant challenge as online buyers tend to quickly pass over listings with subpar photography.

However, you can alleviate the need for these expenditures and rid yourself of any concerns about marketing costs by selling your property directly to professional home buyers, such as those at Homesmith.


Professional stagers are skilled in the art of using color, space, and furniture arrangement to create an environment where potential buyers can easily envision themselves living. Alongside the marketing plan, staging expenses represent another financial commitment you can anticipate when working with a Columbus real estate agent who employs this strategy to potentially enhance profits by up to 5%.

Furthermore, you might incur the costs of storing excess clutter and any decor that strongly reflects your personal interests or personality. It’s possible that you’ll be required to secure a storage unit for your larger furniture pieces, which can sometimes give the impression of smaller rooms. Nevertheless, you can sidestep the complexities and effort of maintaining a perfectly staged home and managing showings when you opt to sell directly to professional home buyers, like those at Homesmith.

Commissions and Closing

The expenses related to commissions, broker fees, and closing costs can fluctuate significantly, potentially amounting to as much as 10% of the final home sale price, all of which you should be prepared for when engaging a Columbus real estate agent. Moreover, it’s not uncommon for sellers to be responsible for covering the buyer’s closing costs.

On the contrary, when you choose to sell directly to professional home buyers at Homesmith, you won’t have to worry about commissions or closing costs. Furthermore, our contracts at Homesmith are entirely transparent, with no hidden fees, ensuring that our offer is the exact amount you’ll receive at the closing.

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