555. How to Sell Your House Before the End of the Year in Columbus OH

In a hurry to sell before the end of the year? Feeling the urgency to sell before the year wraps up? Despite a slight dip in sales momentum and the uptick in interest rates, the housing market continues to witness a steady climb in property values. Plus, inventory remains tight, with roughly eight months’ worth available.

However, there are strategies you can employ to distinguish yourself from the competition. Navigating the intricate process of selling a home demands time, and as the saying goes, time equates to money. Therefore, the sooner you secure a spot at the closing table, the more advantageous it is. There’s no better moment than the present to kick-start this journey. Stay tuned as we delve into the ins and outs of selling your house before the year draws to a close in Columbus.

Asking Price

Discovering the ideal asking price to effectively sell your house before the year concludes in Columbus can initially feel like an adjustment. Precision is key in determining this figure – it should hover slightly below the current market value, enticing potential buyers without triggering skepticism about your listing. While conceding a bit on the upfront price may sting, especially when factoring in agent commissions and the expenses tied to property maintenance throughout the listing and closing phases, this sacrifice could yield long-term savings. Opting to sell your property independently to sidestep commission fees seldom plays to the seller’s advantage, as only a mere 8 percent of home sales are FSBOs. Entrusting the sale to professional buyers such as those at Homesmith can prove financially advantageous, as they eschew commissions and hidden broker fees altogether.


Highlighting the most appealing aspects of your home is paramount if you’re aiming to sell before the year concludes in Columbus and the Central Ohio area. Preparation might range from simple touch-ups like a fresh coat of paint for newer properties to more extensive renovations, particularly if your interior design feels dated or if wear and tear are evident on flooring, countertops, or cabinetry. While dipping into your pockets for pre-sale expenses may not be the most enjoyable prospect, it’s a necessary step for those seeking to maximize profits. Furthermore, enlisting the services of professional buyers such as those at Homesmith can lead to even greater savings, as there’s no need for costly preparations when selling your house directly to them.


Ensuring that all necessary repairs are addressed not only maximizes your potential profits but also enhances the likelihood of selling your house before the year’s end in Columbus. Opting to list without attending to repairs could significantly prolong your property’s stay on the Columbus real estate market. Unfortunately, extended listing durations often correlate with reduced final sale prices. However, there’s a solution: professional buyers such as those at Homesmith are prepared to purchase your home in its current condition, effectively transferring the burden and expenses of repairs from your shoulders onto ours. By selling your home as-is, you can mitigate risks and streamline the selling process.


If you’re eager to sell your house before the year’s end in Columbus, understanding the strategies employed by top agents to effectively market properties is essential. These agents often prioritize showcasing the home’s best features through high-quality digital imagery and immersive 360-degree virtual tours, typically captured by professional photographers. Furthermore, they recognize the significant impact that staging can have on fetching the highest possible sales price, which is why they frequently collaborate with staging professionals for their listings.

However, embarking on this journey may entail additional expenses beyond just professional fees. You might find yourself needing to rent storage space to accommodate excess belongings or oversized furniture, further adding to the financial considerations.

Yet, if the prospect of hosting showings feels overwhelming or undesirable, you’re not alone. Many sellers prefer to circumvent this process altogether. Fortunately, there’s an alternative: professional buyers like those at Homesmith offer the option to sell your home directly. With this approach, you can bypass the hassle of showings entirely and instead focus on preparing for your upcoming move.


You must make your home available and be prepared to leave at the drop of a pin if a buyer suddenly appears if you want to sell your house before the end of the year in Columbus. Additionally, it’s best to remove any signs you have a pet, in keeping with the staging strategy, allowing potential buyers a clean slate upon which they can envision their belongings or pets. Leave your worries about showing behind when you sell your house directly to professional buyers like those at Homesmith.

To successfully sell your house before the year’s end in Columbus, it’s crucial to maintain flexibility and readiness at all times. Being available at a moment’s notice and prepared to vacate the premises swiftly if a prospective buyer suddenly appears can significantly expedite the selling process. Moreover, adhering to staging principles involves more than just aesthetic enhancements; it often entails depersonalizing the space. This includes removing any signs of pet ownership to present potential buyers with a neutral canvas on which they can project their own lifestyle preferences, including the presence of pets or belongings.

However, the prospect of constantly accommodating showings and making last-minute arrangements can be daunting for many sellers. That’s where the convenience of selling directly to professional buyers like those at Homesmith comes into play. By opting for this route, you can bid farewell to the stresses associated with traditional showings and instead focus on a seamless transition to your next chapter.

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