605. Six Misconceptions Homeowners Have About Selling Their Homes in Ohio

Selling a home is a complex process, and homeowners in Ohio often have misconceptions about it. Some of these misconceptions can cause them to make costly mistakes. In this blog, we will discuss six common misconceptions homeowners have about selling their homes in Ohio and how selling directly to Homesmith can save them time and money in certain situations. 

Misconception Number 1: I need to make costly repairs before selling my house in Ohio

A common misconception among Ohio homeowners is the belief that substantial and costly repairs are a prerequisite for successfully selling their properties. Contrary to this prevalent notion, it’s important to recognize that such extensive renovations are not always necessary. At Homesmith, we prioritize efficiency and convenience for Ohio homeowners by offering a unique proposition – we purchase homes in their current state, as-is. This distinctive approach signifies that homeowners are not obligated to invest additional funds in repairs or renovations before putting their homes on the market.

The as-is purchasing model employed by Homesmith not only streamlines the selling process but also serves as a significant financial relief for homeowners. By eliminating the need for costly repairs, we empower homeowners to save considerable amounts of money that would have otherwise been spent on enhancing the property’s condition. This innovative and client-focused approach underscores our commitment to providing a hassle-free and cost-effective solution for those looking to sell their homes promptly and efficiently.

Misconception Number 2: I will get a higher price for my house by listing with a real estate agent.

While there’s a common belief among Ohio homeowners that engaging a real estate agent guarantees a higher selling price, it’s important to acknowledge the potential drawbacks. Real estate agents charge commissions, which can climb to as high as 6% of the sale price. This commission structure has a notable impact, significantly reducing the funds homeowners ultimately receive from the sale. In fact, the average home sale may incur more than $20,000 in commission costs alone.

Enter Homesmith, offering homeowners an alternative that can alleviate these financial concerns. Opting to sell directly to Homesmith means sidestepping the conventional route and its associated commission fees. This strategic decision not only eliminates the financial burden but also allows homeowners to retain a more substantial portion of the sale price.

Misconception Number 3: Selling a home takes a long time.

It’s a common belief among homeowners that selling a home takes a very long time. However, this assumption doesn’t universally hold true. Traditional home sales often unfold over several months, sometimes extending into more than a year before reaching completion. Homesmith presents an alternative that significantly expedites this timeline, offering the potential to purchase homes in as little as seven days.

This accelerated turnaround not only saves homeowners valuable time but also alleviates the stress associated with protracted sales processes. By streamlining the selling timeline, Homesmith aims to provide homeowners with a more efficient and hassle-free experience, offering a distinct advantage in contrast to the extended timelines typically associated with traditional home sales.

Misconception Number 4: I need to stage my home to sell it.

Some homeowners believe that they need to stage their homes to sell them. However, this is not always necessary. Homesmith purchases homes as-is, which means homeowners do not need to worry about staging or preparing their homes for sale. This can save them time and money. In fact, we don’t even ask home sellers to clean the property before we buy it. We want to make selling as convenient and simple as possible for homeowners in Ohio. 

Misconception Number 5: I need to pay for marketing to sell my home.

Many homeowners believe that they must invest in marketing to sell their homes. However, this is not always necessary. Homesmith offers a different path by purchasing homes directly from homeowners. This means they can bypass marketing and advertising costs and potentially save thousands of dollars. This streamlined process not only simplifies the selling experience but also underscores Homesmith‘s commitment to providing homeowners with a cost-effective and efficient alternative in the real estate market.

Misconception Number 6: I need to negotiate with buyers to sell my home.

Some homeowners believe that they need to negotiate with buyers to sell their homes. However, this is not always the case. Homesmith purchases homes directly from homeowners, which means they do not need to worry about negotiating with buyers. This can save them time and eliminate the stress of negotiating with potential buyers.

Alternatives to Listing Your House in Ohio 

Selling directly to Homesmith can save homeowners time and money by eliminating the need for repairs, commissions, staging, marketing, and negotiations. Additionally, Homesmith can purchase homes quickly and in as-is condition, which can save homeowners time and eliminate the stress of a lengthy sales process.

For homeowners in the Buckeye State, selling directly to Homesmith can be a smart and financially beneficial choice. To find out if this solution is right for you, reach out to our team at (614) 401-3651 or (877) HOMESMITH. We are happy to answer all of your questions, and there is never any cost, hassle, or obligation.

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