400. The Most Expensive Repairs Homeowners Face When Selling Their Homes In Columbus OH And How You Can Avoid Them

As professional homebuyers in Ohio, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure and will help you avoid expensive repairs for your home. The truth of this adage comes to full light when you’ve decided to put your home on the market. Just imagine a potential buyer walking through your house and try to imagine it through their eyes. Unless your home is brand new, you’ll soon realize that you’ll be pouring even more money into the property in order to sell. These expenses could range from low-cost quick touch-ups to major structural fixes, which can run into the thousands, especially in older homes. We buy houses in Columbus, Ohio and in our latest post, the following are the most expensive repairs homeowners face when selling their homes in Columbus OH and how you can avoid them.


Water and foundations are a troublesome combination. Foundation problems often rank among the most costly repairs that homeowners encounter when selling their homes in Columbus, OH. Signs to watch for include water pooling around the foundation’s perimeter, cracks in the floor, and doors or windows becoming squeaky or misaligned due to foundation settling.

To prevent foundation issues, it’s crucial to ensure proper drainage by having the soil slope away from the house. Additionally, maintaining soil moisture during dry spells without rain is essential to avoid potential problems. Lastly, it’s wise to inspect the foundation during rainy periods to ensure efficient drainage systems are in place.


Roof repairs can come as an unwelcome and costly surprise for homeowners when selling their homes in Columbus, OH. Water damage, in particular, can escalate rapidly, compromising your home’s structural integrity, leaving unsightly ceiling stains, and even fostering hazardous mold growth. Mold remediation is a complex and expensive process best handled by experts. Prompt action is crucial to prevent extensive water damage. Therefore, it’s not only essential to monitor your roof closely but also to schedule professional inspections every 3 to 5 years. Keeping an eye out for signs like worn shingles or weak spots is key to early detection and prevention.


The cost of plumbing repairs can become a significant concern for homeowners when selling their homes in Columbus, Ohio, depending on the materials used during construction and the installation method. It is strongly advisable to be vigilant for Polybutylene piping (PB), which was utilized from 1978 to 1995, resulting in a class-action lawsuit that concluded in 2007. The only remedy for this issue, which can run into thousands of dollars, is complete replacement.

To prevent plumbing problems from escalating, it’s crucial to act swiftly. If you notice a mysterious increase in your water bill, it’s essential to investigate for potential leaks hidden behind walls, beneath flooring, or even underground. Additionally, examining your water tank for any signs of leaks at the base is a prudent step to take.

Heating And Cooling System

The primary culprit for heating and cooling system issues often boils down to neglect. When selling a damaged house in Columbus, costly repairs or replacements of these systems can arise. To prevent such expenses, it’s crucial to prioritize routine maintenance. Having your air conditioner checked and cleaned annually is not only a smart practice but also helps prevent damage caused by condensation leaks.

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